The FM radio station KAMB broadcast from an antennae atop a 180 meter tall radio tower at a frequency of 90 MHz with a total radiated power of 30 kilowatts. Neighbors have complained about problems they attribute to excessive radiation from the tower, but the city engineer who measured the radiation level near the base of the tower found it to be well below the accepted standard. You have been hired by the HOA to assess the engineer's report. You know a few things about electromagnetic radiation and therefore conclude that we must find the optimum place on the ground to measure the maximum radiation emitted from the antennae. From your extensive knowledge in physics, you know that the intensity of radiation, I, is given by the formula: where P is the power output, r is the distance from the top of the tower to the point on the ground, and is the angle measured from the tower to r.

Find the distance R from the base of the tower to the optimum location for taking the radiation reading.
What is the maximum radiation reading from the ground?
If the city code requires that electromagnetic radiation be under 200 microwatts per square meter, is this antennae operating within city code? Yes or No

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